Small Machines Ballista

A contemporary laser cut toy kit, to build and enjoy at home or work.

Small machines are a family-run business based in Sheffield, UK. They design and manufacture all of their toy kits themselves. All of the timber used is FSC sourced and certified and the toy kits are CE approved (the kits are not suitable for children 0-3 and should always be assembled with adult supervision).

Small Machines came about as a response to wanting a project kit that:

  • used hydraulics and other mechanisms to provide movement.
  • had a direct link to machines used in industry and commerce.
  • provided the starting point for imaginative play in anyone of any age.
  • used cutting edge technologies to put fascinating small machines in front of you.

This ballista model kit was developed using contemporary plans and drawings of the ballista from within the Royal Armouries archive.This is a great activity for children and adults alike; you can learn the ins and outs of historical siege weaponry as you have fun building your very own, authentic, medieval siege weapon at home.