Small Machines Platform Lift Desklamp

A contemporary laser cut toy kit, to build and enjoy at home or work.


Small machines are a family-run business based in Sheffield, UK. They design and manufacture all of their toy kits themselves. All of the timber used is FSC sourced and certified and the toy kits are CE approved (the kits are not suitable for children 0-3 and should always be assembled with adult supervision).

Small Machines came about as a response to wanting a project kit that:

  • used hydraulics and other mechanisms to provide movement.
  • had a direct link to machines used in industry and commerce.
  • provided the starting point for imaginative play in anyone of any age.
  • used cutting edge technologies to put fascinating small machines in front of you.

Making use of a 0.5 Watt Super bright LED light, this USB charged lamp sits proudly at the head of our Platform Lift to create a unique version of an Angle Poise lamp. In this product we have pushed laser cutting to it’s very limits and incorporated not just a living hinge that wraps around the lamp but a wooden spring too! We believe that this is the only one to have been made and put to use anywhere in the world! And all so that you can light up your desk.

The Platform Lift is a great project kit to learn about parallel motion within a machine. Making use of 2 pairs of beams and double pivot points at each end you can build a lift that always remains parallel with the floor.

TOP TIP: Soften tubing in hot water before you fit it over the end of the dowels. It is easier to cut and fit and as it cools down it will shrink and fit tighter on the dowel end.