Flag up my Hero

Pick up your FREE kit from the Museum today

Looking for inspiration and a craft activity for the summer? What better than your local community project? 

‘Flag up my Hero’ is a celebration of the local heroes who helped us as individuals or as a community during lockdown, Now you can create a flag to thank them. Just pick up your free kit from the foyer in the Museum, which is now open 10am – 4pm, Thurs – Mon or, if you’re unable to get to the Museum, email museum@rrm.co.uk

Not just for kids

The flags will be mini time capsules, and serve as an important and very visual community ‘thank you’ to celebrate our coming through this difficult time together. The kits are for all, whether young or old.

What happens to my flag?

Playing on the nautical tradition of boats ‘dressed overall’ – when boats are decorated with flags and pennants for a special occasion – the flags will be displayed across the front of the Museum this autumn for Henley residents and visitors to enjoy. You flag/s can be returned to you after the display if you wish.

How do I get involved?

The Museum’s Flag kits include everything you need to make at least one flag –fabric and thread, templates and instructions – and a ‘how to’ video is available. Included are scrub materials as a poignant ‘thank you’ to the amazing work of the NHS and keyworkers. The brighter and more creative your design, the better. The more flags you want to make, using your own fabric scraps, the merrier!

Use the ‘Flag up my Hero’ template.

Watch our ‘Flag up my Hero’ Instruction Video

Answers to ‘Frequently Flagged Up Questions’.