Flag up my Hero

Who is your lockdown hero?

Has your Grandad, like Captain Sir Tom Moore, done a 100-lap garden tour, or even a 2-lap tour?

Has the NHS inspired you, the bin collectors impressed you or the local pizza delivery service made your week?

Now you can create a flag to thank them.

These flags will then be flown from Henley’s own ‘community boat’– our Museum, playing on the nautical tradition of boats ‘dressed overall’ – when boats are decorated with flags and pennants for a special occasion. The flags will be displayed from the end of the school holidays in celebration of all that is Henley for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.

How do I get involved?

Flags can be created very simply using a fabric base such as an old pillow case left over material in your sewing kit or a tea towel (following parental approval where appropriate!). Make different flag shapes using our template. For those who’d like more guidance, the Museum has also created flag kits, templates and instructions. Your flag can be simple or more involved to make (sewing or paint-based). You could even choose to weave in the colours of your school, club or company. Fabric flags featuring scrub materials could also be made as a poignant ‘thank you’ to the amazing work of the NHS and keyworkers. The brighter and more creative your design, the better, the more flags you want to make, the merrier!

Use the ‘Flag up my Hero’ template.

Order your ‘Flag up my Hero’ Kit.

Watch our ‘Flag up my Hero’ Instruction Video

Answers to ‘Frequently Flagged Up Questions’.