People propelling a Canadian Canoe with tin plates during a race, photographer unknown, c. 1930s

All in the Same Boat

Try these activities, challenges and experiments to help you learn and explore.

PE (KS3 upwards)


Be a Great Rower!


Science – Sound and Water (KS2 upwards)


Water Xylophone


Surface Tension Experiments


Let’s Save Water!


Down the Drains!


Water Saving Game


English – Creative Writing (Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2


Wind in the Willows Creative Writing


Science – Wind in the Willows: Living Things & their Habitats (KS2 upwards)


Toad Fact File


Mole Fact File


Ratty Fact File


Badger Fact File


Weasels Fact File


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The 2.6 Challenge

Looking for some inspiration for The 2.6 Challenge?

Why not try some of our indoor rowing exercises?