River and Rowing Museum Henley on Thames

Planning your visit

 Tutored VisitSelf-led Visit
TimingsMost workshops are divided into three sessions; two led by members of our creative team of Museum Tutors, plus one teacher-led gallery session.

They start at 10am and finish at 2:15pm. We can accommodate c.90 pupils at a time.
The Museum, shop and Café are open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm.

We are very flexible with self-led school bookings so whether you want to come for an hour or the day you are very welcome. We are even happy to make arrangements for weekend visits, so give us a call!
Prices£6.50 + VAT per child (minimum charge £110 + VAT)

SEN groups of up to 12 £65 + VAT for 1.5 hour tutored workshop (additional pupils £6.50 + VAT)

Boat trip (max 46) £208 (includes admin fee and VAT were applicable, price subject to change).

All accompanying adults are FREE. Students must be accompanied at all times by an adult and remain the responsibility of their teachers.
£3.50 + VAT per child.

Boat trip (max 46) £208 (includes admin fee and VAT were applicable, price subject to change)

All accompanying adults are FREE. Students must be accompanied at all times by an adult and remain the responsibility of their teachers.
ScheduleYou will be given a schedule when you have confirmed your booking based on the workshop that you have selected.If you are bringing a large number of students for a self-led visit, we will provide a visit schedule to make the most of their time here.

To avoid overcrowding in the shop and Wind in the Willows exhibition please limit groups to 10 children at a time.
Teacher's PackRRM Teachers’ Pack Tutored VisitRRM Teachers’ Pack Self Led Visit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there parking for coaches at the Museum?
We aim to assign space for coaches in our car park. Double-decker buses cannot access the Museum car park due to restricted headroom (bridge clearance 4.2m) however additional parking is available at the nearby train station carpark for a fee.

2. Do I need to book before bringing my group for a school visit?
Booking is essential for all educational groups visiting the Museum. The Museum is a very popular venue for school visits. To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking up to a term in advance, however we have more flexibility for self-led visits.

3. How many adult helpers do I need to bring with my school group?
The adult to student ratio should be at least:

  • 1:6 where the students are under the age of seven (KS1)
  • 1:8 where the students are between the ages of seven and twelve (KS2)
  • 1:15 where the students are over the age of twelve (KS3/4)

Failure to meet these ratios contravenes Health and Safety regulations. Guidelines are available for you to use when completing your Risk Assessment.

4. How does my school pay for the visit?
We will invoice you after your visit. If your school cancels its booking less than 28 days before the visit, some costs will be payable. For further details please refer to our
Terms & Conditions

5. Is the Museum fully accessible for school groups?
The Museum is fully accessible to children with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities. All workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of children with special educational needs, please discuss details when you book. We also have a number of resources for visually impaired students, find out more here.

6. Can I come and visit the Museum before my school visit?
Yes definitely! A familiarisation visit to the Museum prior to a group visit is essential. This can take place after school, in the holidays or at the weekend but should be arranged in advance with the Learning Team. There will be no charge for teachers wishing to see the Museum in order to plan a class visit.

7. How do I find the Museum?
We have a lovely location beside the river, in Henley on Thames. Please see the map for directions.
How to find us

8. Can the students take photographs in the Museum?
We are happy for students to take photographs in the galleries in moderation. We would recommend that cameras are used without the flash to protect the objects, and request that no photographs are published without prior agreement from the Museum. There are a small number of objects that have a ‘no photography’ sticker attached to them. This is because they are on loan to the Museum and as a condition of the loan they can not be photographed.  Photography is not permitted in the John Piper Gallery for the same reason.

9. What do we do with coats and bags?
Coat racks are assigned to each group for coats, bags and lunches. However, the Museum accepts no responsibility for the safekeeping of any items brought to the Museum. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all students collect all personal possessions at the end of the visit.

10. Is there space to eat lunch?
Lunch space will be allocated, however in good weather children often have lunch outside on the meadow. Space is limited and priority will be given to groups booking workshops for whole day visits. Food and Drink must not be taken into the galleries unless medically required, to ensure that the building stays clean and is not open to infestations of bugs or worse!

11. What do we need to bring?
Please ask students to suitable footwear and waterproof clothing for workshops involving a river walk or fieldwork. Pencils, paper and photocopied resources are only required for some workshops – details will be sent with confirmation of booking.

12. Can we book a boat trip with our visit?
Yes we can incorporate a boat trip with both our tutored workshop and self-led visits. Boat Trips are with local company Hobbs of Henley, please contact us for current prices.