River and Rowing Museum Henley on Thames

We offer a variety of workshops for all stages of education, across a range of subject areas.

Most workshops are divided into three sessions: two led by members of our creative team of Museum Tutors, plus one teacher-led gallery session. They start at 10am and finish at 2.15pm. We can accommodate up to c.90 pupils at a time.


Foundation Stage Workshops

All of our foundation stage workshops are cross-curricular and help your children become comfortable with the Museum environment.

Key Stage 1 Workshops

The Key Stage 1 workshops cover a range of subject areas: Science, English, Geography, Art & Design, History, Maths and PE.

Key Stage 2 Workshops

At Key Stage 2, Understanding Rivers is our most popular workshop, but if Geography isn’t your preferred subject we have lots more to choose from: Science, Art & Design, History, English and Music.

Key Stage 3 Workshops

The subject areas that we focus on at Key Stage 3 are Art & Design and Geography, but we are happy to work towards your student’s needs and incorporate anything that may be relevant to your topic.

GCSE/A Level Workshops

Similar to Key Stage 3, we concentrate on Art & Design and Geography for GCSE and A Level groups, again with the option to customise as needed.

Temporary Exhibition Workshops

As our temporary exhibitions are extremely varied in terms of content and format, our accompanying workshops will reflect this changing nature and cover a range of different subject areas.