River and Rowing Museum Henley on Thames

Thames in Flood

Our bespoke geography workshops are flexible and can be adapted to the needs of individual schools. If you would like to discuss ideas regarding any workshops, including A-level, please contact us.


This workshop provides an opportunity for students to gather a wealth of information about the town of Henley’s relationship with the River Thames and its experience of flooding. Students investigate the causes and impacts of floods – with a particular focus on 2003 and 2007, conduct hands-on experiments, undertake fieldwork, review flood management strategies that are both local and further afield, and gather information from the River gallery.

GCSE Fieldwork

This workshop focuses primarily on fieldwork, both museum tutor and teacher led, with a set of activities in the Education centre to complement learning. It is a unique opportunity to gather primary data for a controlled Assessment, and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs in advance to tailor it to your syllabus. If possible, a talk from one of our local lock keepers will also be arranged.

Thames in Flood Workshop Summary
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