Paint/Print Me a River - Key Stage 1

Create beautiful paintings or screen prints inspired by the Thames and the different styles of famous artists.

The workshop provides an opportunity to develop practical painting and drawing skills and gain inspiration from the location of the museum, paintings in the galleries and the work of famous artists (workshop will be adapted to suit age group).

Activities include:

  • Looking at the river to identify colours, shapes and lines in the water.
  • A PowerPoint presentation to see how artists use different kinds of lines, shapes, colours, marks and brushstrokes to paint a river.
  • Making paintings using light and shade to suggest reflections and lines to show movement or screen print compositions, overlaying two colours and applying collage into the wet ink.
  • Creating own versions of the huge abstract painting by John Piper, ‘Landscape of Two Seasons’ using lines, shapes and colours, working in mixed media.

Paint me a River KS1 workshop summary
Paint me a River KS2 workshop summary
Print me a River KS1 workshop summary
Print me a River KS2 workshop summary
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