The River of Life – Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2

The River of Life is a new workshop about Living Things which live in, on or near the River Thames. It is a workshop with three parts, which has been designed for KS1, Lower KS2 or Upper KS2, with the appropriate differentiation of activities and experiences for each key stage/class.

Learning Outcomes

The use of observational skills to;

  1. identify, name, group and ultimately classify a range of living things.
  2. draw conclusions about animal and plant suitability to their environment.
  3. draw conclusions from fossil evidence to show living things have changed over time (Upper KS2 only).

An understanding that;

  1. environmental change can pose dangers to living things.
  2. seasonal variation can affect living things in several ways (KS1, Lower KS2 only).
  3. living things can be linked according to their feeding habits and the terminology associated with food chains.

River of Life KS1

River of Life Lower KS2

River of Life Upper KS2

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