Key Stage 2 Workshops

Our Key Stage 2 workshops cover a range of creative, scientific and investigative subject areas, from our ever popular Understanding Rivers to our all encompassing Wind in the Willows cross curricular day. Each workshop builds a strong connection with the Museum collection, giving your pupils the opportunity to consolidate their learning throughout the day.

Building Bridges
Investigate how bridges work through practical experiments in this hands-on workshop. Includes a visit to Henley Bridge.

Discover the Victorians
Examine Victorian objects, photographs, maps and documents and enjoy a guided walk to discover the importance of the river and railway to Victorian Henley.

Forces in Action
Investigate the forces involved in rowing and design a successful boat.

From Stone Age to Iron Age
Investigate the changes in technology, culture and society between 900,000BCE and 43CE, incorporating active problem-solving, object handling and creative art.

Use a mixture of geography and history skills to explore how and why Henley has changed over time; including a guided riverside walk.

Paint/Print me a River
Create beautiful paintings or screen prints inspired by the Thames and the different styles of famous artists.

Row to Rio
Discover what it takes to be an Olympic rower and investigate the physical and human geography of Brazil, the location of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Story Seekers
Dive into a world of imagination and fantasy with this new drama and creative writing workshop.

The River of Life
The River of Life is about Living Things which live in, on or near the River Thames.

Time Travellers
Discover changes through the ages using objects, documents and images. Travel back in time and take on the role of real families from the past developing chronological understanding and enquiry skills.

Understanding Rivers
Learn about how rivers work naturally and how they are managed; enjoy practical experiments, a river walk to Marsh Lock and our River Gallery challenges.

Write me a River
Improvised performance and individual guided writing inspired by the Museum and its riverside setting.

Wind in the Willows
Creative challenges exploring the connections between Grahame’s characters and the real habitats and wildlife that inspired them.