Story Seekers

The workshop will provide an inspirational setting for pupils to develop listening, performance and imaginative writing skills. Pupils will use the Museum collection as a starting point for drama and creative writing and consider the elements of a story (character, setting and plot). They will develop collaborative skills as writers and performers of their own work.

Activities include:

  • Creating conversations inspired by the objects and images on display.
  • ‘What happens next?’ – imagine the next part of the story. Create a freeze frame of that is happening, photograph it for use back at school.
  • Explore parts of speech and write a story starter inspired by the exhibition images, music and smells.

National Curriculum areas covered

  • creating settings, characters and plot through writing and drama.
  • increasing familiarity with traditional stories.
  • building a varied and rich vocabulary and developing grammatical skills.

Story Seekers Workshop Summary
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