Understanding Rivers - Key Stage 2

Learn about how rivers work naturally and how they are managed; enjoy practical experiments, a river walk to Marsh Lock and our River Gallery challenges.

Activities include:

  • A large scale map of the drainage basin of the River Thames with cards defining different physical features of rivers, and photographs of locations along the river.
  • Hands on experiment to better understand the impact of land types and the speed in which precipitation travels to a river channel.
  • Hands on experiment to demonstrate the processes of ‘erosion’, ‘transportation’, and ‘deposition’ along a river channel.
  • Hands on experiment to better understand floodplains and groundwater. Students will see how sediments become saturated, what happens when they become supersaturated and the formation of springs.
  • An opportunity to handle artefacts connected to life on and in the river to demonstrate the connection between Leisure, Work, Transport, Wildlife and Environmental Management of rivers.

Understanding Rivers Workshop Summary
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