Wood Fire Handbook : The Complete Guide to a Perfect Fire

Vincent Thurkettle


Second-edition with up-to-date information on wood stoves and clean burning.

The soothing effect of dancing flames and glowing embers is a simple pleasure to have in our lives. Understanding everything that underpins the perfecr wood fire makes it even more enjoyable. Vincent Thurkettle’s handbook is the essential guide and shows:

  • How to select the best type of firewood
  • How to buy, store, split, and dry logs properly
  • Why clean wood burning is essential
  • How to get the best from your wood stove or open fire
  • Everything from choosing wood for its scent to making a campfire

Rediscover the skills of previous generations and learn the new knowledge essential to making sure you are burning in a way that is clean, efficient, and sustainable – then delight in your perfect 21st-century fire.