Henley Gallery

Learn about the history of Henley since 1150, see our beautiful steam launch ‘Eva’ and exhibits on Henley’s historic building and local companies.

Things to do…

  • Dress up in Victorian costume for a day out at Henley Royal Regatta
  • Be taken on a guided tour though Henley’s development by Dr Plot
  • Listen to extracts from Sir Bulstrode Whitlocke’s diary to discover the impact that the Civil War had on the town
  • Watch the amazing footage of Henley from 100 years ago

Things to see…

  • Jan Siberechts ‘Henley from the Wargrave Road, 1698
  • Eva, the first Umpire launch for the Regatta, built on the Thames in 1876
  • Our unique 2000 year old hoard of Iron Age gold coins
  • Prince Rupert’s Elm, the remains of the tree where Prince Rupert hung a parliamentarian during the Civil War
  • Ravenscroft’s Lead Crystal Glass, developed in Henley in the 17th century