Rowing Gallery

Experience the history of rowing from the ancient Greeks to the modern Olympic Games. See boats of all shapes and sizes in this awe-inspiring space.

Things to do…

  • See if you can Row Together
  • Take a seat in a Greek Trireme
  • Try out your technique on our indoor rower
  • Check out the size of Sir Matthew Pinsent’s shoes in the 2000 Olympic boat!

Things to see…

  • The boat Sir Steve Redgrave won his fifth Olympic gold medal in at the Sydney Games
  • Olympic torches and gold medals
  • The boat that won the first Boat Race
  • The exciting story of Extreme Rowing, with amazing film footage

2018 marked the 80th anniversary of the first television transmission of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. To mark the anniversary, we have a special temporary exhibition in the Rowing Gallery celebrating the story of the BBC’s coverage of this iconic rowing event and exploring how this British institution has been popularised by pioneering coverage from the BBC.